Peter Jurko 

I was born in 1976 in Košice. My father is a famous cartoonist in Košice and my mum worked as a laboratory worker in pharmacy. I grew up in room, where art, joke and science were joined. 

I absolved tallent exams and I was admitted for dental technic studies after finishing primary education. I finished my studies succesfully with practical exam and maturita exam.  I absolved military service and then five years lasting practical training in my discipline –  I gained a performance of independent activity and professional guarantor license in dental technologist profesy.

In 2000 I began to run my private dental technic. The start was very hard. There was a reform in dental work those days, many services were charged. The dental technologist was not a partner or professional for the most of  dentists. I had been thinking about the ending many times. But after some time I overcame some of the obstacles and the status of the dental technologist transformed, as well.  The number of dental ambulances grew and I cooperate with many of stmatologists till today. Nowadays, I produce protetic works  for cca 30 stomatologists and their clients. When I started, there were approximately 2500 dental technologists in Slovakia, now there are about 800 of them in Slovakia. The work always increased and increases. I admitted the first employee in 2015, now I have three employees. They have to learn so much because they came just after the finishing their studies. We gained contract for providing services of dental technics to net of Family dental care ambulances in 2017. We admitted other employees and established company Family Dental Lab, s. r. o., upgraded equipment and build a new, modern dental technics of 100 m² together with my wife. You can see our new room in our gallery. I dare to say that we provide the best from dental-technical services what we actually have in modern world. J


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